Monday, November 15, 2010

Writing Prompts

This blog has put some emphasis on finding a topic or focus and sticking to it, but if you'd like a little freedom, or if you hit blogger's block, you might be interested in writing prompts. (Personally, it reminds me too much of school. I should probably work on my feelings.)

If prompts is what you need, here's a list:

Easy Street Prompts Easy Street provides video, images, random words, and standard prompts daily. I had a professor in college who recommended Google Image Search for students who needed new ideas.

Meme Express This blog is on an "extended hiatus" but provided 630 prompts before its break.

Mind Bump Mind Bump will refresh its prompt at your command and also allows you to promote your blog.

NaBloPoMo prompts NaBloPoMo runs year-round, and writing an entry every day can be very taxing. You don't have to be a member to see these prompts.

Plinky Prompting and inspiring you is Plinky's entire goal. Yay!

Weekly Writing Assignment This site provides weekly contests as a resource for writers.

Do you have a favorite resource? Share it in the comments!

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