Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to Submit a Link to Digg

Yesterday I provided a brief overview of social bookmarking and how it can help your awesome new blog. Today I'll show you how to submit your blog to Digg.

You will need an account with Digg for this lesson. You can also connect with Digg via your Facebooks and Twitter accounts.

Go to Digg.com.

Log in. The link to log is in the top-right corner.

Copy the link you want to share. (You can grab it from the address bar of the Web page.) Paste it in the text box at the top of the screen. Paste it over the text that says SUBMIT A LINK.

Digg will search to see if your link has been submitted before. Digg might find a similar story. If that happens, there will be a box to check or button to push that will let you submit the link. If someone has submitted your link, skip these steps and add your thumbs up to the link that's available.

Click the box that says CHOOSE TOPIC.

Choose an appropriate topic. Make sure it's related to your article's content.

Click the box that says NEWS. This is the default setting. you are choosing your MEDIA TYPE. If your item is an image or video, click the appropriate option. Otherwise, click NEWS.

Click the button that says DIGG IT.



ubai said...

thanks for the Information...

RexMRogers said...

Hey, I am brand new to Digg and a tad confused about the "Submit a Link" button--maybe because I am indeed getting older. But your piece put me over the top. Thanks much.