Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to Auto-Post in Blogger

I like to write my lessons in advance. Actually, I like to write several posts in one go, and finish a month's worth of posts well in advance. You might want to your posts to publish at a specific time, or within the work day. If you want to do that in Blogger, here's how:

Write your post (or skip to the end and write it later). When you're ready, click POST OPTIONS at the bottom of your text box.

Fill out the information that has dropped-down. You can disregard the comments and backlinks. What matters here is POST DATE AND TIME. AUTOMATIC will schedule your post to publish now. This is the default setting.

CLICK the radio button for SCHEDULED AT. Fill out the pertinent information--type your date and time.

Click PUBLISH POST when you're ready.

Blogger will confirm the date in time in your Dashboard:

If you make a mistake, this is easily fixed. (I do it all the time.) Just edit your post and repeat these instructions to remove the post from you blog and schedule it for future publishing.

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