Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to Submit a Link to StumbleUpon

Monday I provided a brief overview of social bookmarking and how it can help your awesome new blog. Today I'll show you how to submit your blog to StumbleUpon.

You will need an account with StumbleUpon for this lesson. 

Go to

Log in.

Click your user name (HI, USERNAME!) OR the FAVORITES tab at the top left.

Click ADD A SITE, in the top left of the screen:

Paste the Web address of the site in the URL field and provide a short description of the page in the REVIEW box.

Click ADD A SITE. (If you are adding a blog, click BLOG MODE.)

Fill out the new fields. Provide a category and let StumbleUpon know if the page is NSFW.




Theah said...

Great article, thanks!

Do you know what "Blog mode" actually does?

I just submitted a blog article of mine, but it wouldn't let me go through the normal tagging step.

Ric M said...

Hey, I will definitely keep checking this site out, I really like the way you explain and specially how clear the article is!

Very helpful!