Tuesday, July 28, 2009

About this blog and your humble author


Hello, my name is Katherine!

Welcome to Lessons for Old People, a blog wherein I pompously and patiently explain the quirks of technology and culture to people like my parents, who are bright but just don't understand. I'll try to keep my posts short in length and informative. I promise to make an ass out of myself in the process.

The purpose of this blog is to explain various sundry inquiries regarding technology and pop culture to my parents, but Very Mature Young People, the confused, and the incredibly bored are welcome too. (If you are anyone but my parents, please check the comment policy before jumping in.) I'm doing this so my mom has a place to go before she calls me at work to remind her how to buy music on iTunes, or explain just what a celebutante is, or why the morning news is talking about "cankles," whatever those are. (I know what they are, but darn if I can explain why.)

This blog will be updated as frequently as necessary, as often as possible, until my parents are filled with the knowledge they need to survive these stormy waters in this new strange millennia. They're not actually old—I just thought it was a good tongue-in-cheek title—so it might not be very long. My apologies to those marooned in advance.


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I have a degree in journalism ("bachelor's of science in mass communication with a concentration in journalism and new media") and photography ("bachelor's of science in art with a concentration in interdisciplinary photography"). I'm CISCO certified in web development, management, and design, and spend the bulk of my spare time explaining the nonsense of others to friendly acquaintances. I am wholly unqualified to teach you anything, but am relying on my vast impatience and existence as one who teeters on the edge of know-it-allism, and am compelled to guide you through these tough pop culture seas in this millennium in which we live. This picture of me is two years old, but I have the same haircut, am only a little thinner (maybe), and am just as fanciful, so I'm sure you understand.

I consider myself knowledgeable or an expert on the following: Alternative process photography and its sub-category anthotype, Baltimore, cephalopods, Chicago, the Clash, hip-hop and the history of hip-hop, mermaids, Pompeii, punk and the history of punk, the RMS Lusitania, the serial comma, sharks, shipwrecks, the socioeconomic impact of pop music, RMS Titanic, transportation and public transportation, and zines. I like to read, and as a result am learning far too much regarding apiculture and Copenhagen.

My pet peeves are people who say they "only read for information" but are quick to remind me that because of my age (young) and gender (female) I can't possibly understand books (Watchmen) on the first read; the soul scratching vocals of the Silverspun Pickups and the Kings of Leon; and Domino's pizza.

My hobbies include blogging, freelance writing, writing my zine Macaroon Shindig, and photography.

I love Shark Week, zines, boiled eggs, reading and researching, riding my bike on country roads, movie trailers, pleasant weather, and inappropriate television programs like 1,000 Ways to Die and Daisy of Love.

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BlissfulWriter said...

I found this blog while Googling an obscure term. Although I am not that old yet. Found the term here. Liked the title of your blog and the humorous writing. Cheers.