Saturday, November 20, 2010

Four Little Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog

Promoting your blog may be a necessary way to draw new readers. Friends, family, and random Google searches may not be enough for you (personally). Here are TK easy ways to promote your blog without being terribly obnoxious (or involved).
  • Add your blog to your social media profiles. Update all of your accounts—Facebook, Flickr, message boards, etc.—with your blog's address as your official Web site.
  • Add your blog to the signature of your message board messages. I've been told Old People love participating in message boards. I think they're a free-for-all, but a small link at the bottom of your signature won't hurt. Make sure there's nothing frivolous though, just a link and title, so you don't look obnoxious.
  • Add apps to your social media profiles that will automatically post a link to your blog's new posts. Facebook has several options, and since other outlets want to compete with Facebook, they will have apps, too. Twitter also has apps that will post your articles. (Tumblr will post automatically via its own software.) This also saves you the trouble of sharing the link on your own time. Do NOT add links to comments on other people's statuses or walls on Facebook, especially when it is not relevant. (Don't wish someone Happy Birthday and include a link to a post about your new project. It's rude!)
  • ...But it's not rude to post a link when it is relevant. If you've updated Flickr or another photo sharing site and the photos are related to your new post, include a link to that post with your photo update!

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