Friday, September 18, 2009

How to Use This Blog

(Click any of the the graphics to see them in a larger size.
Hold CTRL while you click to open it in a new tab or window.)

Let's examine the above image first:

Browser A browser is the program you use to surf the web. This screen shot was taken viewing Lessons for Old People in Mozilla Firefox. You can view Lessons in any browser of your choosing.

Search Bar and Blogger Tool Bar This is the long, black vertical bar at the top of the page. You can search Lessons by typing your search term in the white text box on the left. You can also navigate other blogs published by Blogger, follow this blog, or flag this blog using the tool bar.

Banner This is the big logo, black text on a white background at the top of the page. No matter what you view in the blog it will be at the top. (Except comments.) If you click the banner you will return to the main page,

Lists of significant posts This is the top section of the sidebar, the long column on the right. This is a handy place to find references already posted in the blog, including a glossary of terms.

Contributors This middle section of the sidebar lists current contributors. If you click the person's name, you will view the author's Blogger profile.

Archives This is where you can view posts by date and title. Click the arrow to collapse or expand the list and view posts by year and month.

Date The post date is listed above the the blog post.

Blog Title The title of each blog is inside the dotted lines at the top of the post's content. Note that the text is bold.

Post This is the entry. You will notice it is encase in a thick dotted line.

Author, comments, links This line, located under the post, includes the author's byline, the time the post was sent, number of comments, and other blogs linking to the post. (If this happens, it will be rare.)

Labels (tags) The very last line under the post includes labels, or tags, associated with the post. You can click the labels to see a list of posts with the same label. For example, if you clicked "twitter" you would see a list of every post on this blog with the "twitter" label. I often call labels tags out of habit. Blogger calls it labels, so I'm letting it stay for now.

Footer This is at the bottom of the page. If you click the graphic you will visit my portfolio at The footer also includes my e-mail address if you are interested in digital correspondence.

Here is a better view of what a post looks like and what you can expect visually:
How to comment
1. Click the word "comment" on the comment line under the post.
2. Type your comment in the box on the right side of the screen. Here is an example:
3. Be sure to choose an identity. Because this blog is powered by Blogger, which is affiliated with Google, every GMail user already has an identity, so you may already be logged on. (See where it says Katherine (Google Account)? It's because I'm signed into GMail.) You may choose Anonymous, but you must provide an alias. You may also sign on with an ID associated with OpenID, LiveJournal, WordPress, or AOL Instant Messenger.

If you wish to refer to the post's content as you draft your comment, you can click Show Original Post to the left of the comment box. (See image below.)

After you have written your comment and signed your name, click Publish Your Comment.

You will see this when you have successfully posted your comment:


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