Saturday, November 6, 2010

How Often Do I Have to Post?

How Often Do I Have to Post?

How often do you want to update your blog? Everyday? Once a week? Monday through Friday? This is all up to you. You can post randomly or on a schedule. Let your other priorities dictate how frequently you post updates to you blog.

It took me awhile (a few years, at least) to decide that writing posts in advance and keeping to a schedule worked for me. As a young woman with too many blogs, trying to "post somewhere at least once each day" was too stressful for me. (I'm not sure why I decided on that rule either.) When I set expectations, and limits, for myself, it made writing and publishing content much easier. You don't have to do this, of course, but you can if it helps.

I like to look at a calendar and write down the dates in the month ahead. I like the write the posts after work (or on the bus to Maryland, as is the case right now) a few weeks in advance. If you want to write only when you feel like it, that's OK too. Or, maybe you know you always have one night a week where the house is quiet and no one will bother you. (Maybe you're lucky and it's always like that.)

Think carefully about what will work for you and your blog. (You might want to post more in warm months if your blog about gardening, for example.) Realize there's no requirement for frequency or content, that you make the rules here.

If you feel overwhelmed, post less. Consider posting a few times a month or less. Take an extended break until you're ready again.

You are your own publisher. You have the say here!

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