Saturday, August 1, 2009

Comment Policy

This blog is a relaxed atmosphere. However, I come down on trolls and mean people, so this blog, like many, has a comment policy. (I employ policies in my other blogs, you can see the policy for Winsome Icarus here, and my policy the the blog here.)

1. You must sign your name. You don't have to provide your full name, or your real name, but Old People are advised to stick with a consistent alias for clarity and transparency. You are allowed to select ANONYMOUS as an option, but you still must sign your name. (So nothing like "BUTT FACE" or "WOMENS SUCKZ")

2. You may NOT attack any commenters personally. In short, I expect you to behave in the same way you would if we were interacting in person. Take a deep breath and think clearly: If I were in front of you at the grocery store, or sitting on the same bus, would you say this to me in person? (If you argue you would say, "I hope you die!!!1!!#!!1!%1!!*!!" in a face to exchange, I won't believe you.) We are, by nature, rude people, but I expect us all the behave the same way online as we do offline.

3. Please stay on-topic.

Please be aware that your comment may become my "property" after you post it. Trollish comments may be printed out, marked with red pen, and posted as an entry on Winsome Icarus [blog]. I am a nerd and spend the bulk of my hours marking paper with red pen.

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