Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Technology Lesson: How to tag someone in FB update

Not too terribly long ago, Facebook updated its features to allow you to tag a friend in your status updates. The process, and affect, is similar to @-ing someone on Twitter, and alerts someone to the update. Facebook's process is easy, and I'll show you how. (Note that on Twitter you can "@" anyone, but on Facebook, you can only tag your friends.)

Log in to Facebook and go to your news feed.

You'll tag your friend in your status update:

Place your cursor in the text box:

 And type "@":

Facebook will ask you to provide more information. Begin typing the name of your friend. For this lesson, I'm using my friend Marty, without his permission:

As I typed Marty's name, Facebook provided his name and profile picture. I highlighted his name and clicked ENTER. (You should too.) After selecting Marty's name, Facebook converted it to a link to his profile:

Now you can add text to the update. You can write before or after the person's name. I've typed text after Marty's name below:

Go forth and tag!

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