Thursday, December 30, 2010

Technology Lesson: How to Burn a CD (Using iTunes)

I made my mom a mix CD for Christmas and conveniently used the Christmas Eve opportunity as a moment to record a lesson.

Note: This lesson requires a blank CD.

To begin, turn on your computer, log in if necessary, and start iTunes.

Create a new playlist. You can do this by pressing CTRL + N or OPTION + N. OR click FILE and NEW PLAYLIST:

Your playlist will appear in the LEFT SIDEBAR. It will be unnamed, and Apple will want you to name it:

I called mine MOM. (It's already listed above.)

Drag and drop the songs you want on the playlist. (You can also drag an entire album if you want to.)

You will need to upload music from a disc (a lesson will appear later this spring) or purchase it in advance.

When you've arranged your playlist, and made sure all of the boxes next to song titles are checked, grab a blank CD, a Sharpie, and get ready! Pop your disc into your optical drive.

Make sure your playlist isn't too long, or you'll get a message like this:

And if it's only one song too long, that's really annoying. This is up to you, but for this CD I deleted my least favorite song in the playlist.

iTunes usually provides a dialog message when you insert a disc, shortening this entire post to a few lines:


iTunes will ask you to specify your settings for your disc. This is what mine looked like, but this is all up to you:

This is where I tell my mom to pay attention to the top of the iTunes screen. It will tell you what's going on.

See? Only two minutes left!

When iTunes is finished, your playlist will appear as a DEVICE, like this:

That's a solid confirmation that it's done. (Your iPod appears as a device, too!)

Grab a permanent pen when you're done and label your disc. Alternatively, you can spend a hot, stressful summer driving around in your overheated Honda Civic popping random discs into your stereo and wondering what you've chosen. It's also lazy to give your mom an unlabeled CD as a stocking stuffer, you know? It's not like you bought jewel cases at Target, too. Gosh.

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