Thursday, December 23, 2010

Technology Lesson: Unchecked Boxes on iTunes

Today's lesson is brief. It may seem obvious, but since I've made this mistake before, it seems like a polite reminder and helpful tip to girls like me burning mix CDs for Christmas stockings.

...If you uncheck a song or other media file in iTunes, it won't burn to a disc.

Here is a playlist I made last summer:

If you click the image, you'll see checkmarks next to most of the songs. The only song without a check is Bjork's "All Is Full Of Love."

I unchecked the song because I was a little tired of listening to the song. This is not an uncommon affliction, but if I wanted to burn this playlist to a CD, and I didn't check Bjork's song, then the CD would not include the song.

Does that make sense?

In addition to a mistake I often make, this may be an efficient way to make mix CDs for your friends. If you have a playlist ready to go, but know your Mom doesn't like moping men with guitars, you chould uncheck "Sweet Avenue" by Jets to Brazil and save some time.

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