Thursday, December 2, 2010

Technology Lesson: How to Download Podcasts (Using iTunes)

Podcasts are audio and video episodes you can subscribe to via a software program or download directly. The audio and video episodes can be listened to or watched with a media device or through your computer. They vary in content and length. I loved listening to podcasts in the car before I moved, and now I love to listen to them while I perform otherwise mundane tasks. (Like cleaning!)

This lesson will discuss how to subscribe to a podcast using iTunes. When you've completed this listen you will be able to listen to your podcasts through iTunes or your iPod. (I do both!)

Turn on your computer, log in if necessary, and start iTunes.

When iTunes has loaded, click ITUNES STORE. It's in the left column under the heading STORE.

You can browse podcasts by clicking PODCASTS in the navbar at the top of the screen. Since we know which podcast we want, I typed SOUND OF YOUNG AMERICA in the SEARCH BAR at the top of the application.

This is the result of the search:

If you see what you were searching for, you can click the icon. OR, to narrow the results, click PODCASTS on the left under FILTER BY MEDIA TYPE.

Click SUBSCRIBE FREE to choose the podcast you want. Now iTunes will download the podcast when new episodes are available.

iTunes may want to confirm your decision. Click SUBSCRIBE.

iTunes also offers samples of the podcasts below. You can download these episodes individually. For example, you may have noticed that Donald Glover has a pretty great body on the Halloween episode of Community. Knowing that he used to write for 30 Rock, you might be interested in his episode. In that case, click FREE to download that episode. (Donald, call me.)

You can find your new podcasts under the PODCASTS directory on the left.

You can also subscribe through podcasts by clicking ADVANCED in the menu, SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST..., and pasting the podcast link in the pop-up text box.

Finally, because my mom is the one this lesson is for, these are the podcasts I listen to. This isn't an endorsement, as much as additional information. Recommendations are always appreciated.
  • The Current Song of the Day—Minnesota Public Radio (This is really great because I can't listen to the radio and am a huge fan of The Current.)
  • illdoctrine (video)
  • Fresh Air (NPR)
  • La Blogoteque
  • NPR: Live Concerts From All Songs Considered
  • The Sound of Young America
  • This American Life
  • Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!
Go forth and subscribe!

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