Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Technology Lesson: Cleaning House On Your Facebook Apps

I've talked about Facebook applications before, but today seems like a good day to review application management.

Maybe you see a post made my someone else's app. Maybe you are "liking" pages you've never actually liked! Perhaps you're worried that you accidentally activated the Washintton Post Social Reader, and now everyone will know which articles you've read.

It's always a good idea to clean house digitally. Here's how you do it with your Facebook applications.

Log in to Facebook. (Go to facebook.com, log in.)

Click the triangle next to HOME. It is in the BLUE BAR at the top of the page, on the right. Click ACCOUNT SETTINGS:

This is what Setting looks like:

Click APPS in the LEFT COLUMN. Your applications will be listed in the center. You can click the "X" to remove the application outright, or click edit to delete the application or tweak the settings:

If you delete the application, Facebook will ask for a confirmation. (I have never once willingly agreed to Farmville, so this was news to me!):
If you click EDIT, you'll see this:

Now you can see all my applications! I feel so exposed. It's possible that you'd like to keep an application, but don't want other people to see it. This would be where you'd fix that.

See how easy this is? I think it's a good idea to regularly organize your digital life. It makes it easier in the long run to manage your digital life (and find stuff too!)

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