Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Technology Lesson: Removing a Facebook App

Earlier today we examined how to install a Facebook app. Now I'll show you how to remove, or uninstall, an unwanted application.

1. Log in to your Facebook.

2. Find the big blue bar at the top of the screen. Next to your name it will say SETTINGS.

When you hover your mouse over SETTINGS, a drop down menu will appear. CLICK APPLICATION SETTINGS.

3. Facebook will list your applications. This is also where you would adjust the settings to applications. The default setting is by the applications that have been used recently. Look for the application you want to remove. Click the "X" is the far right column.

4. Facebook will ask you to confirm the removal. Click REMOVE.

5. After a moment Facebook will confirm the removal. Click OK.

Hooray, you're done! Good job, Old Person.

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