Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Technology: Changing Your Facebook Photo

Facebook is often changing its interface, making lessons here obsolete. (Boo!) Today's lesson is a repeat, as I will demonstrate how to upload a profile picture with the new timeline.

You will first need to decide on which photo or image you want to use as your profile photo. You will also need to scan it or upload it to your hard drive. (Or have your digital camera handy.)

Start by logging in to Facebook.

Go to your Facebook page. (The easiest way to do that is clicking your name on your news feed.)

Hover your mouse over your current photo. EDIT PROFILE PICTURE should pop up on your screen. Click it.

Facebook will provide options. If you want to upload from your camera, or hard drive, click UPLOAD PHOTO. (We can examine the other options on another day.)

Find the picture, select it, and click OPEN.

Facebook will do the rest of the work. If you want to reposition your thumbnail, click EDIT PROFILE PICTURE again. This time, click EDIT THUMBNAIL and drag the photo until you're happy with your newer thumbnail.

Go to your profile picture and click it. To the LEFT of your photo you'll see ADD A DESCRIPTION. Click that, and provide a description. Click DONE EDITING when you are satisfied with your self-description.

Ta da!

Here's a little note about your profile picture, from Facebook, by the way:

Who sees your profile picture? 
Remember: your current profile picture is always public. Now, when the photo gets added to your Profile Pictures album it's set to public — and you can change who sees it.
 And don't worry, cover photos are coming up next!

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