Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lesson for Young and Forgetful People: Put your stuff in the fridge

I know I link to Lifehacker frequently, but it's with good reason! The site is making me a more efficient person. (Really!) Today the site shared a tip from Parent Hacks (highly recommended to parents):

You won't forget items stored in a friend's fridge if you toss your keys in as well

BRILLIANT. From Shivani:

When my sister and I were younger, sometimes my parents would have to store items in the fridge at someone's house when we went to visit (such as medicines or milk). To keep from forgetting these items when they left, my dad would leave his keys in the fridge next to the item. That way, wouldn't forget the items in the fridge as he needed his keys to drive home. You probably could do the same at work or school to make sure you don't leave leftovers overnight in the fridge.

Thanks blogs! I used to leave things at my friends' homes in college all the time. One year I left my contact case and my eye glasses at my friend's house in Chicago. Her mom sent them to my dorm room with a giant bag of Whoppers. I can't store my eye glasses in her mom's refrigerator, but it's still a worthy tip. I guess that's common sense, but even I lack that sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

This would be a great idea. I will put my hands on Geoffrey's keys the next time he is here and he will no longer leave behind his expensive culinary preparation items!