Thursday, June 10, 2010

Technology Lesson: How to Find This Blog

Does your son, daughter, husband, wife, brother, sister, or irritating neighbor write a blog? Are you having problems finding it? Are you my mother and unable to find this blog, even though it contained a lesson on bookmarking, an introductory How to Use This Blog post, and a special delivery with each post sent to the inbox? You are? Let me help.

Type "Lessons for Old People" in your search bar (fig. 1)  in your browser or through a search engine (fig. 2).
fig. 1
fig. 2

Note: If, for some reason, "Lessons for Old People" becomes a commonly used term, add the word "blog" to your search.

You'll type "Lessons for Old People" because that is the title of this blog.

Your search result will look something like this:

You'll want to click on "Lessons for Old People." Because that is the title of this blog.

You can visit this blog directly by typing You will not reach this blog by typing It's because I'm too stubborn to pay Go Daddy for a domain name, and paying for is as much as I'm ready to dedicate to a .com address. (For now. Savvy readers, do you have any recommendations?)

When you've arrived at this blog you should bookmark it. You'll never need to Google the blog again!

Technology Lesson: How to Bookmark
How to Use This Blog 

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