Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Reason to Back Up Your Content

Hello, dear Internet!

I wanted to take a brief break from this hiatus to remind you (again) to back up your blog. Apparently Tumblr has deleted accounts more than once, first with Reblogging Allison, and now with a user blogging under "Tumbledore" and "pitchfork".

Music blog Pitchfork asked Tumblr if it could have an account with the pitchfork moniker. Apparently Tumblr ousted the original pitchfork user, handed over the account to the music blog, and sent the original user to pitchfork1. This hasn't been receiver particuarly well, turning into a he-said she-said situation. (Tumbledore said he wasn't contacted, Pitchfork said it was handed an account in ten minutes, Tumblr says the account had zero posts, was dormant, and gave the original account 72 hours, and Tumbledore says his original posts remain on the account. Personally, I think anyone annoyed with Tumblr should drop his or her account and find a new blogging service. Personally, I think Tumblr is for the technologically ignorant, a giant waste of time, and a pain in the ass.*)
*Sorry Christina. I think better of you than that.

You never know when a server will crash, a site will face bankruptcy, your files will be corrupted, or your blog will be given away. So blog safely and back up your blog!

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Monday, February 1, 2010

February Break

Hello, Dear Readers!

This blog will take a short Winter Break through February so that I may focus my efforts on finding a full-time job. (I'm available for book deals too, Internet! Elbow nudge, wink!) Most entries are written in advance (this was written in early January!) so that should allow some cushion time.

Thank you for your patience! February is a short month and I think we'll make it through these weeks. It may be hard, but I promise to return March 2, 2010!