Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Technology Lesson: How to get photos from your camera to a burned CD (on a PC)

Today's lesson will build and use concepts from previous lessons. You can get out your external harddrive for this lesson. This lesson is PC-only; these instructions will not work with a Mac.

To burn photographs and digital media to a CD from your digital camera requires a computer, a USB cable, a blank CD, and your digital camera.

Acquire your items.

Turn on your computer. Log in if necessary.

Connect your camera's USB cable to your digital camera. Connect the other end of the cable to the USB port in your computer.

Turn on your camera--if necessary. Some cameras will not need to be turned on to connect to the computer. In some, rare, cases, the camera needs to be off.

Open the camera's files. Highlight the files (photographs, videos, and digital media) you want to burn to a blank CD. (To highlight more than one file at a time, hold CTRL while you click the files.)

Copy the files. You can either go to EDIT and click COPY or hold CTRL while holding the C key.

Now open a new window, and go to the blank CD. Paste the files. Either go to EDIT and PASTE or hold CTRL and hold the V key.

If you back up your work on an external harddrive, this is a good time to back up your digital camera. Having already copied the files, you can paste them on the harddrive. (Connect the harddrive to the computer with its USB cables.) You can paste files multiple times after copying them.

Now burn the CD. This will vary based on which version of windows you are using. In my now-antiquated version, there is a column on the left side of the screen. It says BURN TO CD and will burn from there.

Your default settings are OK. This is going to be a MEDIA disc, if it asks.

Let the CD burn. There will be a noise when it's done, and the CD drive may open.

I know this goes a little off the rails here; but when it comes to Windows, the language could say anything!

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