Monday, January 27, 2014

Technology Lesson: How To Download Photos From E-Mail

This lesson will help you download photographs from your e-mail. This lesson requires your computer.

Turn on your computer. Log in if necessary.

Open your web browser. Go to your email client, and open the message with the image you want to download.

If you have Gmail, click the arrow that appears when your mouse hovers the image.

 You can click this arrow when you click the image and it appears on the screen:

You'll see the arrow at the bottom right.

Or you can right click the image and click save as:

To right click, you'll need to click the right button on your mouse. On a Mac, you'll hold CONTROL while clicking with your mouse or keypad.

This is the general principle in other email clients. You can usually open the image in a new tab by clicking the name of the file:

And then right click, and choose SAVE AS:

From there, you'll need to save the file. You can save the file to your external harddrive, a thumb drive, or your computer's harddrive.

Of course, many email clients will allow you to simply download the file. If you know where your downloaded files go, this will save you a lot of time. Generally, the files are saved in a folder on your computer called DOWNLOADS. You may have set this as something else, however.

From here, you can burn the images to a CD (following the principles from the lesson two weeks ago), and/or store them for safe keeping.

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