Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vocabulary Lesson: Buzzworthy

This month's lessons are dedicated to the words recently added to the Oxford Dictionary.

Today's word is buzzworthy.

The word is an adjective, and used to describe or quantify whether or not an idea or thing has the qualities of being buzzworthiness. It's not correct to define a word with its root, so here's the dictionary definition:
likely to arouse the interest and attention of the public, either by media coverage or word of mouth
The blog Buzzfeed operated entirely on this concept. Generally speaking, viral videos and cultural hot topics are buzzworthy.

It's sort of a silly word, and I think it will be outdated in a few years, so be careful how you use it.

Additional Resources 
Buzzworthy words added to Oxford Dictionaries Online – squee!, Oxford Dictionaries
Buzzworthy, Oxford definition

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