Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Technology Lesson: The New Pinterest

Pinterest's look has changed since I introduced the site here. So as I try to get back into the swing of things, we'll take a quick look at Pinterest.

Here's what Pinterest looks like now when you log in. These were my pins last Wednesday:

You can see that Pinterest is using large pictures, arranged in a collage-like fashion.

If you hover over an image a few icons will appear. The heart will allow you to like a pin. The "SEND" icon, with the paper plane, will allow you to send the pin to someone. And the red "PIN" icon will allow you to re-pin the post.

A list of suggested friends are in the top left corner. You can access your profile in the top right corner. Your notifications--of repins, likes, follows, etc. are also in this area. You'll see that last week I had a whopping total of five.

Or you can click the image for these same options. You'll notice the column on the right displays the board from where the pin originated, and you can follow (or unfollow) the board from here. Beneath the board are other pins from the user.

The "X" in the top right corner will let you go back to your feed, and "close out" (if you will) of the pin. The arrow next to "SEND" will let you post or embed the pin.

If you click the picture again it will open the pinned article, likely in a new window or tab in your browser.

If you find that you've been scrolling through your feed, and you want to return to the top, click "SCROLL TO TOP" at the bottom right of your feed.

That's the gist! Fingers crossed it won't all change next week. See you Tuesday!

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