Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's That Facebook Flag?

Hello tech savvy Old People! I'm writing this post a full week ahead of schedule. Though I usually write several weeks in advance, I do not often cover current events. (Not like I used to!) So be patient with my sense of tense, please!

You may have seen this logo on Facebook in the last week and wondered what it was:

This is a red and pink flag meant to show support of last week's Supreme Court hearings about same-sex marriage and possible DOMA and Prop 8 repeal. (The cases are Hollingsworth v. Perry and United States v. Windsor.) The flag is a red and pink version of the Human Rights Campaign's logo, which is blue with a yellow equal sign:

The Equality Flag was designed by Stone/Yamashita in 1995.

Naturally, the Internet went forth and modified (with the HRC's Facebook's permission, even if the HRC was itself a little wary), providing some variation in a sea of red and pink on Facebook. Mine for example, is a version of the Black Flag logo. The original logo is on the right:

Of course, I think I am clever by using this, since the seminal 1980s hardcore band's 1977 Raymond Pettibone-designed logo is meant to evoke a waving black flag. I know Old People are rolling their eyes with the knowledge that a black flag means anarchy. Sometimes some kind, web-savvy adults are 19-years-old forever. 

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