Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Technology Briefing: Kobo

Kobo is an e-reader. I don't own one, and am not affiliated with Kobo Inc., but a Brooklyn Based e-mail made me feel like I should shared with the well-informed, highly literate Old People.

You're probably already familiar with e-readers, which include the Kindle and Nook. (You probably already one one!)

What I wanted to share about Kobo is that it's partnered with independent booksellers and Indiebound. You can buy Kobo at independent book stores and support those stores when you read:
The bookstores keep a small percentage of each Kobo title you purchase for the life of your device, and on any Kobo e-book sold on their site or directly through Kobo; you just need to register your Kobo account with either Word or Greenlight first, for the store to get credit for your e-books.
(WORD and Greenlight are two Brooklyn book stores.)

It's a nice idea, right? (I'm feeling overly positive in 2013.)

Additional Resources:
Indiebound/Kobo program

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