Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Technology Lesson: Downloading Your Free Weekly Single

Apple's iTunes provides one free single a week. (And also many free TV episodes.) Downloading these free singles is fast and easy. Here's how to build your music collection with free music.

Turn on your computer, and log in if necessary.

Start iTunes. Click ITUNES STORE in the left column of the program.

Look for the picture that says SINGLE OF THE WEEK. You might need to scroll to find it.

Click the image that says SINGLE OF THE WEEK. The week I wrote the lesson, Norah Jones was the artist. The artist will change each week.

You'll see the artist and song of the week on the right. Under the artist will be a grey bar that says FREE.

You may need to sign into iTunes. If prompted, do so.

The song will appear in your PURCHASED music and your library. The download will occur automatically, following your sign in or clicking FREE.

Feel free to drag the song to your iDevice.

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