Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Technology Lesson: Unliking Your Interests On Facebook (Part 2: Many Interests At Once)

Last week I showed you how to Unlike a single page. Today you'll cull all of that crap in your profile at one time.

To start, turn on your computer, log in if necessary, connect to the Internet (if necessary), launch your browser, and log in to Facebook.

Go to your page. (As a reminder: click your name in the left column of your newsfeed.)

Click LIKES in the row under your name, or scroll down to your Likes and click SEE ALL.

Click EDIT, located to the right of your interests, which are likely displayed in a graphic form.

All of your interests will be available for editing:

Hover your mouse over the interest you want to delete. You'll see a small blue "X." Click it.

The image will disappear immediately.

Click DONE EDITING when you're done!

Next, we'll clear out all of those extraneous Likes!

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