Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Technology Lessons: Naming Family On Facebook

Among Facebook's many add-ons and customizations is naming your family members and listing them on your profile.

Distinguishing your kin is very easy. Here's how:


Go to your profile and click EDIT PROFILE. This is listed (for non-timeline profiles, at least) at the TOP RIGHT of your screen and after your credentials in the middle-top section of your profile.

Click FRIENDS AND FAMILY. (It's in the column on the right!)

Click ADD ANOTHER FAMILY MEMBER. (If you have no family listed, this text might be slightly different.) In this lesson, this text link is under the family members I have added.

Type the name of the family relation in the empty box. Facebook will auto-fill from your friends as you type. Click the name of the person you want.

Now choose your relationship between you and that Facebook friend. Facebook's list is based on the gender of the profile (I think).


Note that Facebook will e-mail the user asking you to confirm your relationship.

Your family will be listed beneath your friends on your Facebook profile when the relationships are confirmed.

If you want to remove a family member (or hide him or her) go back to FRIENDS AND FAMILY and click the ARROW next to that person's name:

Click SAVE CHANGES when you're done.

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