Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Technology Lesson: Adding Pins and Boards

OK, Pinterest is pretty fun. (And I have two guy friends on there. Take that, old me!)

We've discussed how to Pin from your toolbar. Let's look at how you can add a site or from your computer or web without leaving Pinterest.

You'll need to log in first. Remember, you probably connected to Pinterest via Twitter or Facebook when you signed up.

After you've logged in, click ADD+.

Choose one of three options. Are you adding something to a pre-existing Pinboard from you computer? Are you adding a site? Or do you need a new Pinboard?

Click UPLOAD A PIN to add something from your computer.

Click CREATE A BOARD to add a new board. (Follow the instructions from there. It's similar from previous lessons.)

Click ADD A PIN to add a Pin from the Internet.

Paste the web address in the address box and click FIND IMAGES. Now click the arrows on the left side of the dialogue box, under the image on the left. (It might be a blank box.) You'll cycle through the images on that page.

Click the bar on the right and choose the Pinboard you want to post your Pin to.

Provide a description. Say something, so your friends and fellow Pinners know what's going on!

Click PIN IT.


Seriously, these cookies are SO good.

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