Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Culture Post: Phone Stack

Today's post isn't A Thing, exactly, but it's a challenge I think Old People will really appreciate. (Plus, I think even the small things are worth knowing when they cause a considerable buzz.)

Phone Stack is a "game" where dining patrons place their cell phones (and I assume, similar smart devices) in the center of the table. The first person to pick up his or her device pays the tab for everyone's meal. If no one picks up the phone, the bill is split equally.

I am making two assumptions: "Equally" means each person pays for what he or she ordered, because, come on, seriously. Since the game was devised by a Young Person, I am assuming that adults waiting on serious phone calls, or adults who left their minors at home, can set some sort of agreement. For example, if the baby sitter calls, it doesn't count, or, if a certain ring tone is heard (I know I'm not the only ringtone assigner!), or if the boss calls, the person is exempt for that phone call.

Phone Stack was invented by 25-year-old hip-hop dancer Brian Perez ("Lil-b"), who was inspired to create the game as a result of Young People's incessant at-the-table phone activity. Ideally, this will force dining patrons to behave and interact with their friends and family while out.

I know, you love it, right?!

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