Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Technology Lesson: Pinning

My apologies for turning these lessons into Pinterest month! It's just been slow going here, since I am generally disinclined to log in. We'll be quick with today's lesson: How to Pin a link on Pinterest.

You'll need an account before you begin. You may need to put in a request to joint the waiting list.)

1. Go about your business surfing the web. Find something you want to Pin.

2. Click "PIN IT" in your bookmark toolbar. (This is something Pinterest made you do when you signed up!) OR click the Pin icon on the site you want to Pin. I'm Pinning something from Etsy, so the icon is available:

3. A pop up will appear:

You'll see your Pin's image on the left, and the category and description on the right. Click the category to change which board your pin will appear on.

4. Click PIN IN when you're ready.

5. You're done! This is your confirmation:

You can click any of those options to see your Pin. Or you can continue surfing the web.

This took less than a minute. Now I'm seeing the appeal.

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