Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Technology Lesson: Uploading To Your Facebook Wall Via E-Mail

This blog previously instructed you how to reply to Facebook posts via e-mail. I think this is a handy time-saver, but did you know you can post more to your Facebook wall than replies? Because you can! (Thanks to my housemate for pointing this out!)

Facebook provides its users with an individual e-mail address for this purpose. (Using it for other purpose will provide you with zero results.) You can send your status or media to the e-mail address, and the content will post to your Facebook wall. Pretty cool, right?

I'll let Facebook explain:
Your personalized uploads email address can be used to upload photos or videos to your account from a computer or mobile phone. To see what your personalized upload email is, be sure you are logged into your account, then go to the Facebook Mobile page. Alternatively, you can take the following steps:
  1. On the computer, go to the Publisher located at the top of your Wall and click the Photos button next to "Attach."
  2. Select "Upload a Photo."
  3. Click the "upload via email" link.

The email subject will be used as the caption of your photo or video, or your updated status if your email contains no photo or video. Note that photos and videos uploaded via email are visible to everyone by default, but you can change the privacy setting of any photo album by going to your Photos page and clicking "Album Privacy."

To review, you obtain your personalized e-mail by logging into your Facebook account, and going to https://www.facebook.com/mobile.

That page will provide you with your personalized e-mail address. I would provide a screenshot, but this seems fairly simple. Besides, as Facebook says (emphasis mine):

  • This is a secret email just for your Page - don't share it with anyone except other admins of this Page.
  • The email subject will be used as the caption of your photo or video if your email contains photo or video.
  • The email subject will be used as your updated status if your email contains no photo or video.

Some ideas for how you might enjoy using this trick:
  • Posting photos you've taken from your [e-mail capable] mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, or iPad
  • Posting a status from work without having to log in (which I would never do*)
  • Sharing videos shot from your Internet capable devise
  • Posting just about everything without logging in, ever again (I envy you already)
*But totally did at my old job, to Blogger. Probably to this blog!

Technology Lesson: Replying To Facebook Posts Via Your Inbox

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