Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vocabulary Lesson: Glamping

GLAMPING is GLAMOROUS CAMPING. The word GLAMPING is a portmanteau. This is, according to the evening news, a Thing. It is sometimes called BOUTIQUE CAMPING.

And I can hardly believe that I am telling Old People this. (This is either a new low for me, or a new low for society. Probably me.)

Glamping usually includes the conveniences of home and often focuses on deluxe accomodations and the benefits of a posh lifestyle. This is weird to me, because camping usually involves bug bites, some form of hiking, mud, campfires, and various forms of discomfort. (I am not someone who camps. Or hikes. Or does anything outdoors.)

I think I should let wiseGEEK explain, because I can't stop rolling my eyes:

During a typical glamping trip, for example, the tents are often designed with bright designer colors and materials, not the olive drab canvas tents of yesteryear. These tents can be rigged for electrical power, which means occupants can operate appliances, reading lamps and climate controls. Forget about smelly sleeping bags placed on rocky or insect-infested ground, as well. Those who have gone glamping may sleep on full-size air mattresses, or even regular spring mattresses provided by the outfitters.

Here is Tom Haverford (portrayed by Aziz Ansari), of Parks and Recreation, glamping:

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