Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Technology Lesson: Sending A Reply Without Attachments

My sister sends us three adorable photos of my niece every day. (I'm incredibly spoiled.) These photos arrive by e-mail as an attachment. Some e-mail clients attach those files to the replies by default. Here's how to avoid doing that.

Because Comcast is popular e-mail tool among adults, we'll look at Comcast first. I snuck into my parents' account and opened an e-mail I sent the night before I wrote this lesson. (As it contained photos!)

You'll notice in the screenshot above that I've highlighted the three attachments. I've done that so you can see that they are above the message you would write to send as a reply.

If the boxes next to the file names are CHECKED then the attachments will send with the mail.

If the boxes are UNCHECKED, they will not.

For bonus material, we'll review Gmail. (Because it's popular, and you ought to be using it anyway.)

It is my understanding that Gmail does NOT include original attachments as a default setting. (If it is, you can probably change this in the SETTINGS or LABS for your account.)

This is the reply area in Gmail. I've highlighted INCLUDED ORIGINAL ATTACHMENTS so you can find its location.

If you WANT to include all or some of the original attachments, click INCLUDE ORIGINAL ATTACHMENTS.

Gmail will list all of the attachments from the previous e-mail. Uncheck any attachments you do NOT want to include.

Now go forth and reply!

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