Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Technology Lesson: Importing CDs Using iTunes

You know how to purchase music in iTunes, but do you know how to import the music you own? Let me help. (If you've been purchasing music you already own—STOP RIGHT NOW.)

Turn on your computer.

Locate the CD you'd like to upload.

Open the CD drive of your computer. (If you have a laptop, you might just slide the CD into the drive.)

Put the CD in the drive of your computer or slide it into the drive.

Start iTunes. (This may happen automatically.)

A dialogue box might pop up and ask if you'd like the import the CD. If this is a CD you purchased somewhere, feel free to say yes. If this is a mix CD, you might want to say NO and rename the songs before you upload the CD. (Or you can rename the songs later!)

If that doesn't happen, or you don't agree, click on the CD in the LEFT COLUMN of the program.

Click IMPORT CD at the bottom right of the program.

You can watch the window at the top of the screen to monitor the progress.

A green checkmark will appear next to each song as the song is successfully copied. A song with an orange circle next to it indicates which song is worked on.

Note the black and grey checkmarks next to each song above. That indicates that each song is copied. If you only want one song copied, you would uncheck each song before beginning the import.

This is what it looks like when it's all imported:

You can confirm success by checking RECENTLY ADDED:

OR clicking LIBRARY and typing the album or artist in the search bar:

Now you can drag and drop the music to your iPod, or make a mix CD!

Any questions?

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