Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Technology Lesson: How to Make a Playlist In iTunes

One of my favorite "features" on iTunes, and my iPod, is the playlist.

Some of the steps in this lesson were covered in a previous lesson, when I showed you how to Technology Lesson: How to Burn a CD (Using iTunes)burn a CD using iTunes. This lesson will go into a little more detail.

Start your computer. Turn it on, and log-in (if necessary.)

Start iTunes. (There's a lesson on that here.)

Click FILE (at the top LEFT corner of your screen; this should apply to Windows users as well).

Click NEW PLAYLIST. (If you have highlighted the songs you want on your playlist, click NEW PLAYLIST FROM SELECTION.)

Apple will drop that playlist into the LEFT-HAND COLUMN. It will be an UNTITLED PLAYLIST. It will be ready to rename.

I've renamed this playlist LessonsforOldPeople.

Now find the music want on this playlist. You can grab the track list of a CD you've just imported, or you can drag individual songs. You can do this by scrolling through your LIBRARY. I prefer to use the SEARCH BAR at the top RIGHT corner of the program. (I type the song or artist so it's the only song available.)

Here I've typed in DIRT. I'm looking for DIRTY PROJECTORS. There's only two songs with DIRTY associated with it, so I stopped short of the Y.

Since I've found what I want, I'll click the song ONCE to highlight it.

I have a LOT of playlists here, so I should scroll through the left column before continuing. If you can't see your playlist "above the fold" you should do the same thing.

Click the song again to highlight it, if necessary, and, while continuing to hold your mouse, drag the song toward your playlist.

Only let go of the mouse when you have highlighted the title of your playlist. This will deposit the song in your playlist. You should see a small green circle with a + sign in it.

Click your playlist in the left column to confirm that the deposit was successful.

Ta da! Repeat as necessary. Keep in mind that CDs do not have limitless storage. Playlists in iTunes and on your iPod should be limitless, however.

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