Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Culture Lesson: Planking

Planking, a "game" or "sport" performed by young, hip people ("smart asses") is when a person lays prostrate, face down, like a dead body (or a plank!) in an unexpected or awkward place.

The idea is to disturb people out and/or have a photo taken and posted on the Internet for posterity. (Young People! What will they think of next?!)

Planking has some controversy, as a 20-year-old Australian planked himself off a balcony and died after falling seven stories.

Need proof I'm not pulling your leg? Let's have CBS News explain:

I needed some clarification on the fad--I admit I don't totally get it--and my esteem friend Erin said, "It's stupid." Thanks, Erin!

I suppose if you are an Old Person, and you wanted to surprise and/or embarrass the Young People close to you, I will have assisted you. (Just do this safely.)

Additional Resources:
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Gman said...

Apparently Planking is very passe, the new thing is...owling. look into it.

Katherine said...

It was relevant at the time!