Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Technoloy Lesson: Creating A Fan Page On Facebook

Now that you can navigate your Facebook with great skill, it's time to learn how to create a fan page. Most businesses have their own fan page, so you might want to do this if you run your own business.

A fan page, or business page, is a very simple page for a business, band, organization, place, or even an idea. Your interest section on your profile (your favorite movies, books, and shows) fall into this category, and so does your enthusiastic thumbs up for Shake Shack.

Mashable correctly pointed out in 2009 that this page is not the same as a profile, though they are very similar.
Facebook Pages are different than profiles. You have a profile for you, Jane Doe, but your business can’t have a profile — it can have a Page. A Page is a place to house all the pertinent information about your company. They’re so useful because you can include everything that relates to your business in one place with a built-in potential audience...
...One of the major benefits of a Page on Facebook over (or in addition to) a webpage is that it’s so simple to update. With a website, if you’re not technical, you have to contact your web developer, who will then charge you to make even a tiny change. With Facebook, updates are as easy as logging in and typing or uploading. The fresher your content, the more you will engage people.

(Make sure to read the rest of that article, even if it's been two years, it will be very helpful.)

To start this lesson, make sure you have a Facebook page.

Scroll to the bottom of your page, and click CREATE PAGE.

This is the page you'll visit.

Hopefully you know what type of page you are creating. These are your options:
  • Local business or place
  • Company, organization, or institution
  • Brand or product
  • Artist, brand, or public figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or community
Here's a preview of the next step for each category:

Your next steps will vary a bit. After you read and choose to agree to Facebooks Terms of Service, you'll move on to editing your page. Facebook's layout is designed for your ease. Here is what the brand page:

Facebook walks you through each step. Each step is numbered, too!

It's extremely important that you include at least one profile photo for your page. (Your profile photo will appear on the news feed of the users that follow you.) Take your time reviewing the page in front of you and providing your information.

You can go back and edit this page at any time. Make sure you save your changes as you go, and don't stress out too much! There should have at least be a little fun in the process.

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