Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Technology Lesson: Inserting A Photo Into A Document

Are you working on a paper and want to include an image with your document? Let me help! This came up recently. I'll show you how to insert an image from your computer. When you might need to do this varies, so that's up to you. Some situations might call for sending an attachment. That lesson is here.

The images in this lesson are from OpenOffice. If you are using Microsoft Word, the instructions will be very similar, if not identical.

START your program.

Write your document. I didn't write anything for this lesson. Put your cursor where you want the image to be. This will probably be at the end of your document or between two paragraphs.

 Click INSERT. 

You'll get a drop-down menu. Click PICTURE. Click FROM FILE.

You'll need to select your photo. (So your photo will need to be saved before starting this lesson.) You photo might be on your computer or external hard drive. Select your image. I've picked a pretty photo of the Brooklyn library. Click OPEN.

There's the photo! Once you've inserted the image, a new toolbar will appear. It will allow you to tweak your image and play with the image's settings. (You can resize the image without the toolbar.)

Repeat these steps as necessary to insert more images!

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