Thursday, May 26, 2011

Technology Lesson: Blocking Likes On Facebook

Sometimes you friend someone on Facebook you can't delete. (If there's someone you can delete, directions are here.) You're either friends with someone who posts too much, or someone too intimate to delete.
There's good news! Instead of deleting the friend, and risking your relationship, you can hide the friend (or group or interest). Here's how:

Log in to your Facebook account.

You should be directed to your feed. If not, go to your feed.

For this lesson, I'll be hiding Bones. Find the person you want to hide on your feed. 

Hover your mouse over the status.

Click the X.

Choose the most appropriate option for your needs. You can hide the specific update (HIDE THIS POST), all updates (HIDE ALL BY NONES), unlike the interest or group (UNLIKE PAGE); you can't unlike your friends) or mark the update as spam (MARK AS SPAM).

After you've made your choice, Facebook will hide the update, and/or all updates. (Or mark the post as spam, et cetera.)

If you change your mind later, you can reinstate your friend, group, or interest by clicking EDIT YOUR OPTIONS at the bottom of your feed.


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