Thursday, March 24, 2011

Technology Lesson: iTunes Views

iTunes offers four layouts, for lack of a better word, for viewing your library. Those views are LIST, ALBUM LIST, GRID, and COVER FLOW. Let's talk about them!

First, you can access your views by clicking VIEW in iTunes:

View options will allow you to choose what you view under these four options:

Yup. Those are my preferences!

LIST VIEW is my preferred view. (I feel like I can see more this way.) This is what it looks like:

ALBUM LIST looks like this:

It lists the albums on the left, and the songs on the right. You can see the album art in the left column of the library. Think of ALBUM LIST as a hybird of LIST and ALBUM GRID.

ALBUM GRID is a gridlike version of COVER FLOW. You see all of your albums laid out neatly like this:

You have to double-click to start your album. If you like listening to music an album at a time, you might like this.

Finally, this is COVER FLOW:

Apple's idea is that you scroll through your digital files like you flip through your albums. It's not nearly as satisfying, so I don't bother.

That was fun, wasn't it?

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