Thursday, March 3, 2011

Technology Lesson: How to Drag Album Art In iTunes

Sometimes iTunes can't find album art for you. Or, you might have a mix CD your daughter made, and the artwork isn't recognized, or you made your own artwork. Here's how to drag artwork to iTunes.

1. Turn on your computer, log in if necessary, and start iTunes.

2. Find the artwork you need. I sometimes use Wikipedia or if it's not artwork of my own. (Which is extremely rare. I don't have the time or motivation for that.) For this lesson I'll drag the artwork for The Suburbs by Arcade Fire.

3. Make sure the artwork display is available in iTunes. It's the little arrow under the column on the left.

4. Toggle the two windows so that the are next to each other.
5. Click assertively on the artwork. Holding your mouse button (or trackpad) down, drag the artwork to your iTunes window.

6. Drag it to the artwork box in iTunes. A green circle with a plus sign will appear when your artwork is above the artwork box, and there will be an outline around the area.

7. Let go of your mouse and let the artwork "drop."

8. You'll see the artwork in the box. Congrats! You're done!

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