Thursday, August 12, 2010

Technology Lesson: Using Skype

I introduced Skype in a previous lesson. Today we'll look at using Skype in an effort to encourage my family members to use it.

You'll want to download and install Skype on your computer first. (Or your smartphone. There's an app for iPhone and an app for BlackBerry. I won't include the tutorial here, because if you have a smartphone you probably know how, right?) Go to and make sure you have all your need to use the service. (Remember, you can use a digital camera if you don't have a webcam.) There are also videos on the main page explaining how the service works. (Watch those!)

When you're ready, click GET SKYPE.

Great! This is what Skype looks like on my Mac. If you're not my mom's generation, it probably looks a lot like AOL Instant Messenger to you.
(I removed two contact for privacy.) I did a test call for screenshots.

You can click the grey button when you choose a contact to make a call, send a file, or start a chat. (Or more, obviously.) I clicked call...

The whole affair is very easy.

You can add a contact my clicking on the plus sign in the program. This box will pop up, and all you do is fill in the information. (Usually, if it's another Skype user, all you need is his or her e-mail address.)

Finally, here is Skype's one minute video tutorial:

Technology Lesson: Introduction to Skype

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