Thursday, April 15, 2010

Technology Lesson: How to Log In to Blogger

Today's post, by request, details how to log in to Blogger and post to your blog. This lesson requires that you already have an account (my mom does). Blogger is connected to Google, so you'll need a Gmail address if you sign up.

Go to This is what you'll see:

Type your e-mail address and password in the log in fields located at the top right of the page:

(I wrote Type your address and your password.)

Click SIGN IN to log in. The SIGN IN button is light blue and located beneath the log in form:

Blogger will re-direct you to your DASHBOARD. This is your "home" on Blogger. It will list your blogs with Blogger and provide short cuts to editing posts, publishing new posts, and changing your settings. If you click the Blogger logo at the top of the screen from another page it will re-direct you here. This is what MY Dashboard looks like:

To write a new post, click NEW POST. The button is blue and located beneath the blog's title:

Fill in the fields on the next page. This includes your subject, content, and tags/labels.
The row beneath TITLE: includes options to modify your text, including the font you use, font size, font color, text alignment, and spell check. Go wild!

When you're satisfied, click PUBLISH POST. The button is ORANGE and located beneath the text box where you've typed your post. The BLUE BUTTON next to it says SAVE NOW. Blogger will save your work as you go, but it's always a good idea to click SAVE NOW if you intend to save your post as a draft before you publish your post. The grey text next to SAVE NOW indicates the most recent time your post was saved.
When you've finished, Blogger will provide a link to your new post.

You can also set a time for the post to publish automatically. (I write all of my lessons in advance.) Click POST OPTIONS, the blue link located beneath the text box and above the PUBLISH button. Edit the post date and time to your specifications. (You can also specify comment permissions and backlinks.)

Any questions?

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