Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Technology Lesson: Uploading a Profile Picture

As you have doubtlessly read, my mother joined Facebook. Her family rejoiced, but only weeks later she assigned your faithful blogger with the task of managing her profile. Aghast, I have agreed to some small tasks (changing her profile picture, providing small edits at her repetitive requests) with the provision that the task is a one-time favor. I promised a lesson in return. So today we learn how to upload a photo to Facebook! Note: I did this lesson my Mac, using a photo saved on my hard drive. Facebook is also notorious for changing its interface, so this lesson may appear outdated in the future. This lesson also uses my mother's profile. Most lessons in the future will probably use mine.

1. Log in. You'll find the are requiring your e-mail and password at the top right of the screen.
2. Click PROFILE. The tab is located at the top of the screen.

3. This is your profile page. (My, it is sparse!)

Hover your mouse over your profile image. Click change picture, located in the top right of your profile picture.


5. Facebook will provide a pop-up dialogue box. Click BROWSE.
6. Choose the photograph you want as your profile picture.

7. Facebook will automatically upload the photograph after you confirm your choice. Facebook will then ask if you want to broadcast this to your friends. If you don't want your new profile picture to appear on your friends' streams, click SKIP. The pop up will also include a space to provide commentary (Facebook asks, "WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND?"). You can leave this blank or provide a caption or note with the photograph.I was not above stooping so low as to add a caption and click PUBLISH.
Either option will publish your photo as your profile picture. You're finished! Good job, Old Person.

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