Thursday, March 25, 2010

Culture Lesson: Young Starlets

Who are all these starlets? Are all of these slender young women from American Idol? GEESH, I'm so tired of these American Idol people. Can't you make them go away?

I can't, but I can help you figure out who these people are!

Anna Kendrick
She's in Twilight and Up in the Air
Hit Song None. She's an actress.
Claim to Fame
Jessica in Twilight, award nominated for role in Up in the Air
Additional Media Credits Camp, Rocket Science
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Ashley Greene
Who? She's one of the bit players in Twilight. (What? Only Edward, Bell, and Jacob matter. Duh.)
Hit Song No songs. (Yet?)
Claim to Fame She's Alice Cullen in Twilight; Brief nude photography scandal in August 2009
American Idol? Nope.
Additional Media Credits All those Twilight movies.
Additional Resources Wikipedia

Carrie Underwood
Who? Country-pop star!
Hit Song "Jesus, Take the Wheel", "Before He Cheats"
Claim to Fame She was on American Idol, she won; Grammy (5), AMAs (5), Billboard (14), ACMA (8), People's Choice (6), CMT (4) award winner
American Idol? Season 4 winner!
Additional Media Credits
Additional Resources Wikipedia

Chelsea Staub
Who? One of Disney's actresses.
Hit Song She has some albums, but nothing Old People have heard.
Claim to Fame Lead female in JONAS, The Jonas Brothers TV series. I know! They have a whole series! Even though one of them is married, and the dudes are supposed to be high schoolers. We live in a strange, icky world.
American Idol? No, she's with Disney.
Additional Media Credits Bratz: The Movie, Starstruck
Additional Resources Wikipedia

Demi Lovato
Who? One of Disney's back up singer/actresses when Miley ages.
Hit Song She has two albums, but no serious hits
Claim to Fame Star of Sonny with a Chance and Camp Rock
American Idol? No, she's with Disney.
Additional Media Credits Camp Rock 2, Princess Protection Program
Additional Resources Wikipedia

Fantasia Barrino
Who? Won American Idol. She's the one who was illiterate? Come on, I know you remember.
Hit Song "I Believe", "Truth Is"

Claim to Fame Winning American Idol; starring in The Color Purple on Broadway; Numerous successful songs and albums; best-selling biography Life is Not a Fairy Tale and Lifetime movie Life is Not a Fairytale: The Fantasia Barrino Story
American Idol? Season three winner
Additional Media Credits Reality show Fantasia For Real
Additional Resources Wikipedia

Jennifer Hudson
Who? Singer/Actress
Hit Song "If This Isn't Love"
Claim to Fame American Idol, Dreamgirls
American Idol? Season Three finalist
Additional Media Credits Sex and the City
Additional Resources Wikipedia

Jordin Sparks
Who? Youngest American Idol winner
Hit Song "Battlefield"
Claim to Fame Youngest American Idol winner
American Idol? Season six winner
Additional Media Credits The Suite Life on Deck ( episode)
Additional Resources Wikipedia

Katharine McPhee
Who? Singer
Hit Song Her new one is called "Had It All"
Claim to Fame American Idol
American Idol? Fifth season runner up
Additional Media Credits The House Bunny
Additional Resources Wikipedia

Katy Perry
Who? She's a singer.
Hit Song "I Kissed a Girl," "Waking Up in Vegas"
Claim to Fame Sang "I Kissed a Girl", "Ur So Gay"; engaged to Russell Brand
American Idol? Nope. Just a regular pop star.
Additional Media Credits Appears in miscellaneous shows (Vampire Diaries, Greek) and romantic comedies (When in Rome) as self.
Additional Resources Wikipedia, IMDB

Who? She has that song E! uses all the time; backing vocals to Flo Rida's "Right Round"
Hit Song "Tik Tok"
Claim to Fame "Tik Tok"
American Idol? No. She doesn't really sing.
Additional Media Credits The Simple Life:

Additional Resources Wikipedia

Lady Gaga
Who? She's a singer with a flair for fashion.
Hit Song "Just Dance", "Poker Face", "Bad Romance"
Claim to Fame An outspoken support for gay rights and feminism; an outlandish, avant garde style; hit songs
American Idol? Heck no!
Additional Media Credits None
Additional Resources Wikipedia

Lea Michele
Who? She's on Glee.
Hit Song Uh. She's on Glee?
Claim to Fame Dude. She's on Glee! She can sing, dance, and act. She seems really sweet.
American Idol? Nope.
Additional Media Credits Broadway in Les Miserables, Ragtime, Fiddler on the Roof, and Spring Awakening; rumored lead in 2011's Dorothy of Oz.
Additional Resources Glee Web site, Wikipedia

Miley Cyrus
Who? Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter
Hit Song "Party in the USA" (FUN FACT, CYRUS HAS NEVER LISTENED TO JAY-Z*), "See You Again", "The Climb"
Claim to Fame Famous father; Star of Hannah Montana; Drama tween
American Idol? No, she's with Disney.
Additional Media Credits Bolt, Hannah Montana: The Movie, The Last Song
Additional Resources Wikipedia
My mom knows who Miley is. Please. But I know someone my age who doesn't, which is...crazy.
*Yes, I'm going to be bitter about that for awhile.

Selena Gomez
Who? Disney actress
Hit Song She has an album, but no serious hits
Claim to Fame Wizards of Waverly Place
American Idol? No, she's with Disney.
Additional Media Credits Another Cinderella Story, Princess Protection Program
Additional Resources Wikipedia

Taylor Swift
Who? Country pop singer
Hit Song "Love Story", "Fifteen", "You Belong with Me"
Claim to Fame Interrupted by Kanye at 2009 VMAs; dated Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner; won a bunch of awards for her platinum album Fearless
American Idol? No. She's a "real singer"!
Additional Media Credits Saturday Night Live, Valentine's Day
Additional Resources Wikipedia

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