Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Technology Lesson: Using an iTunes Gift Card in the iTunes Store

Note: The following lesson uses screenshots from my Mac and uses the most recent version of iTunes.

iTunes is easy to use, so I was surprised when I overheard a co-worker say she thought using a gift card was "probably difficult." My mom knows how to use an iTunes gift card, so let the public know that this lesson provides no direct benefit for her.

Using an iTunes Gift Card in the iTunes Store

This is a giftcard:

You'll have to scratch the silver gunk on the back to reveal a purchase code. Try to use something that isn't sharp, or you might scratch out the code too! I suggest lightly rubbing the area with a nickel.

1. Turn on your computer.

2. Open iTunes.
3. Click iTUNES STORE. You'll see it beneath your library in the left column.

4. This is the store:
(It might not feature Kings of Leon. This lesson was written in advance.)

5. Click REDEEM. You'll see it in the right column of the store.
6. Enter the code on the back of your giftcard in the box under REDEEM CODE:
If you were worried about my code, it's all used up now:

You might have to log on. Do that.

7. Find what it is you wanna buy. I want to buy the new Muse album. Type your product in the search bar at the top right of the program. ITunes will fill in suggestions as it guesses what you seek.
Hit enter and search!

8. Here is Muse's iTunes store:
9. I want the new album, so I've clicked it:
10. And iTunes brings me to the album page:
11. Confirm you've found what you want. (Take your time if necessary.) Click BUY [FORM OF MEDIA]:
12. iTunes asked me to sign in again. iTunes will probably ask you to confirm that you want to buy your item.
I obliged.

13. iTunes will download the item. You can monitor the status of the download in iTunes:

Check your library for the download when it's done. It should only take a few minutes. Add the music to your iPod when you're done!

14. You should receive an e-mail a few days later. (I received the following receipt on Wednesday after buying the album on Saturday.)

Additional Resources:
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