Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vocabulary Lesson: Nom

My, this pumpkin bread is delicious. NOM NOM NOM NOM. MMMM.
Yes, I used Internet slang "nom," and no, I didn't mean hate group National Organization for Marriage. Instead, I mean the onomatopoeia used as a verb ("nomming"), adjective ("nom-worthy", "nom"), and noun used to identify tasty, delicious, must-have treats.

Here is an all-encompassing definition from Urban Dictionary (see the above video for "nom" in action):
1) The act of eating
2) An act of affection
3) A sound to express satisfaction through eating
What is nom's etymology? At best, I'm open to crediting Cookie Monster, but I have no conclusive evidence. As an Internet-credited word, I'm willing to let the history of this word go, so long as we all agree to use it in reference to the very best food items (cookies, cake, pie, tacos).

Additional Resources:
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, Urban Dictionary

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