Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vocabulary Lesson for Young People: Ho vs. Hoe*

I find this issue extremely bothersome, and an issue amongst Young People. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that Old People don't have this problem, as Old People are generally the ones to refrain from derogatory slurs, and are well-versed in basic vocabulary. Still! The fact remains that People are misusing the word "hoe." (I find that misuse is a plea for skewering. I always oblige.)

So I present! A quick primer on "ho" vs. "hoe."

Ho: A derogatory slur toward women. (And used for women only.) Note that there is no "e" on the end. Note that using it in my family results in severe consequences. (*Note that I've never dared or considered using it.)
Plural: hos

Hoe: A gardening implement used to till soil. It can sometimes cause strain on ones back, and in rare, tragic incidents, provide splinters to fingers and sharp whacks to unsuspecting toes.
Plural: hoes

So it's all on you, dear Internet, to start using these words correctly, lest I start asking for additional information regarding glaring accusations against gardening implements. Ultimately, it would be best to use constructive arguments that focus on a person's character and not her gender and perceived actions. (In fact, let's all be good to each other and throw out the glaring accusations altogether!)


*Sorry, Mom.

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