Friday, October 23, 2009

Things You Can Do With Twitter

Following Tuesday's Reasons to Consider Twitter, I'd like to present all of the things you can do with Twitter:

Share photos – Send photos from your phone or media device without having to upload the file through TwitPic. If you have Twitter, you'll already have an account.

Share music – Talking about music? Provide a sample with (Just like TwitPic, if you have a Twitter account, you already have a account.)

Monitor Amazon BuyLater will e-mail and/or Tweet you when an item's price changes or is in stock.

Micromanage Your ResponsibilitiesRemember the Milk is a Web-based tool designed to manage tasks. The service is available through a GMail application and iPhone, and now it's on Twitter too. Using the tool's Twitter service, you can DM tasks for your ongoing, ever growing to do list. TwitterCal works the same way and syncs your messages with your Google Calendar.

Share Flickr Images and Video – Using Flickr's integration, or SnapTweet, share your Flickr work with your Twitter friends.

Update Your Facebook Status and Facebook Your Twitter Feed – Using the Twitter application on Facebook this tool integrates your status updates. You can also use HelloTxt and to update all of your networks at once.

Send Money – Using TwitPay, you can wire money.

Make Phone Calls – Use Phweet to phone your Twitter friends!

There's more, of course. Is there something you love to do with or through Twitter? Leave a comment!

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